Meet Ramona

Ramona has been with MEDEA since April last year (2023) at that point she was already making around $2-3000 per month. But she was overworked, tired, stressed and ready to quit. This changed when she found us.

We quickly took over all of Ramona’s chatting (which is highly time-intensive) and all of content management. Now Ramona only has to focus on taking pictures and creating videos.

She has gone from feeling tired & stressed working 60 hours a week. To now working 20 hours a week and enjoying life again.

Last month we hit a record together as you can see below! But we’re not stopping here!

Meet Stephanie

She started with MEDEA Agency at the beginning of november. Having seen zero results at another agency she had little hope things could turn around for her.

But she had 1 thing going for her, ready to put in the needed effort and create content!

After speaking with our team she filmed her first videos and took the first pictures and our team was ready to take over! What happened next was a big shock to Stephanie, as you can see her revenue grew 1108% in the first 30 days since joining MEDEA!

Meet Olja:

Olja joined MEDEA at the end of last year. Olja already had somewhat of a social media presence (3k followers on IG & 5k on TikTok) which made our job a little bit easier. But she was only making an average of $1500 a month.

Together we laid out a plan to get her to $10k a month within 3 months. March was the official third full month of working with MEDEA and we have far exceeded our targets.

But Olja isn’t planning to stop here, we have set the target to $100k per month in Q2 (April, May & June).

But Olja isn’t planning to stop here, we have set the target to $100k per month in Q2 (April, May & June). You might wonder what the key to Olja’s rapid success… well for Olja it was mainly staying consistent in content creation. To find out about our secrets be sure to get in touch with us so we can start setting targets for your OnlyFans career together!

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